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MamaBenz is much more than a music blog. We are a passionate team of art lovers who strive to provide a unique experience to our visitors. In this space, we want to share with you our story, our passion for art and how MamaBenz was born. Discover what makes us different, and immerse yourself in our world. Welcome to MamaBenz!

Our CEO, Edwige Dazogbo, is a Canadian Citizen Entrepreneur from Benin in West Africa who has studied in Communication, Cinema and has graduated from Business administration at HEC and in Montreal University.

She owns and manages since the age of 23 different international companies

in the field of music, agencies and medias. She has proven to have all the skills and talent to make it happen the success for her company by being result getter and sales and marketing oriented as a great manager who inspire trust and has certainly a wonderful leadership.

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